Parent/Caregiver Information - 2024


Stationery lists are available from the school office. Extra stationery can be purchased throughout the year from the office. All New Entrant Stationery can be purchased from school.


All students have an account which you will be able to view via the Edge App. Payment of this is available through internet banking, Eftpos, cash or through an online credit card payment via the Edge App. The school bank account number can be found at the bottom the students statements. Unfortunately the Edge system is unable to combine family accounts, therefore if you are paying for a specific student via internet banking, please ensure you have the students name you are paying the account for.

Governance of School

Under the Education Act (1989) the Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the school and has an oversight of all school operations including school management. For general Board of Trustee operations contact:


Chairperson: Tash Allerby, Principal Juliet Vickers
Members: Ray Smillie, Christopher Dalliston, Christian Rose, Chris Gyde & Tracy White
Secretary Debbie Carter

Management of the School

The Principal is the professional leader of the school and is responsible for its Leadership/management, through the implementation of the policies of the Board. For matters relating to staff and discipline, plus matters concerning curriculum programmes and teaching and learning issues contact –
THE PRINCIPAL – Juliet Vickers 7568040, After Hours 0211055621

Classroom Programmes

The education of your child as an individual, his/her instructional programmes and the running of individual classrooms is the responsibility of the classroom teacher.

School Entrances

Kelly Street entrance. We would ask that parents reinforce to children the need to be watchful when entering and exiting the school grounds. Pedestrians should use the footpath and avoid using the drive entrance when entering / leaving the school.
There is walking access through Hodge Park via the back field. No vehicles are to drive onsite unless by arrangement with the school office. We have installed new fencing and gate systems so there is limited access for parent vehicles on to the main school site between the hours of 8.15 and and 3.15pm each day.

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