Parent/Caregiver Information - 2019

Personal Property

All student property should be named.

No responsibility can be taken by the school for loss of personal property.(Radios,walkmen, cameras, Ipads, Ipods, MP3 players etc are not to be brought to school).

A “LOST PROPERTY BOX” is situated in the corridor by the hall. Parents and children are encouraged to search for lost articles at any time.

The items remaining unclaimed at the end of each term will be given to charity.

CELL PHONES; We do not encourage the bringing of cell phones to school and accept no responsibility for the loss or damge to any cell phones other than those left at the school office. If it is necessary for a student to bring a cell phone to school it should be left at the school office for safe keeping. Students are not permitted to text / phone during school hours without permission. On occasion teachers can request devices at school, however parents will be asked to sign relevant documents.

Cycles / Scooters 

The Board of Trustees has provided for a locked area to keep bicycles secure. It does not accept any responsibility for cycles brought to school.

All children are required to put their scooters/bikes in the shed.

We discourage children younger than 10 years of age from riding bikes to school for their own safety.

If parents of children under 10 years of age allow them to ride they must indicate this permission in writing on our general permission slip.

Parents /Caregivers cars

Parents should park cars in the marked spaces by the school on Kelly or Miro Streets.

Children are required to walk into the school grounds from the gateway along path.

For children’s safety please keep the front entrance (Kelly Street / Bus Area) clear of cars.

Parents are asked to pick their children up at a designated point on Kelly or Miro Streets and not to drive into the school grounds unless there are valid medical reasons. A car pass is available from the school office.

We will have two drop off zones (2 mins) for parents to pull in and pick up. If your child is not at the designated pick up zone, please allow others to pull in. Do not park and wait longer than 2 minutes.

Library/Reading books

We encourage the purchase of a book bag or the use of a similar article for carrying books to and from home.

A charge will be made for lost/damaged books.

T.I.P.s DAY (Talents in Progress/Discovery) (Thursday)

This happens on Thursday afternoon from 1:40 – 2:50pm starting Week 5 Term 1. Students from New Entrants to Year 4 are involved in Discovery learning. Year 5-8 are mixed up into talent groups to undertake exciting varied learning opportunities through TIPS.

Mini Moa

Our Mini Moa Programme is available to early childhood children aged 4 – 5 years of age to learn some of the exciting opportunities and routines of school life. Miss Tracy Turner will be receiving these youngsters in Room 1 from 1:30 – 2:30pm starting Term 1 Wednesday 14 February Week 3. We look forward to seeing the youngsters and an adult on Wednesdays. Please enrol for this fabulous programme at the school office.

IPS Logo Clothing

There is no official school uniform but we do have a Hoodie $40, Zip Hoodie $45, Polo Shirt $30, Fleece Jacket $45, Showerproof Jacket $50 and Showerproof Pants $40 with the IPS logo which can be purchased from the school office. All school clothing should be neat, tidy, and appropriate. We also encourage students to wear their house colours Kauri green, Rata red, Kowhai yellow and Miro blue for PE and other activities.

If you are interested in purchasing official Inglewood Primary clothing, click here to order online.

Casual Clothing

Any wording / illustrations on Tee shirts must be appropriate for wearing at school.

A total of two studs or sleepers are permitted in ears. The wearing of other jewellery apart from watches or a significant or sentimental piece are discouraged. Please provide a note for the significant piece.

Make-up is not permitted.

The school reserves the right to determine and enforce appropriate standards of dress.

Sun hats must be worn during terms 1 & 4 if pupils are playing outside.


This is provided at the Inglewood High School. Children are bused to the classes. Please note classes start 8.50am promptly. The cost for all Year 7 & 8 students is $60 per year. This will be added to all student accounts at the beginning of each year. The school will pay this fee directly to Inglewood High School.


These are sent home on a weekly basis each Thursday. The weekly newsletter contains an update of all school events and activities. Newsletters will be sent via email. Please contact the school to arrange a hard copy to be sent home if you wish. Where possible we are emailing newsletters home. Please contact the school office with your email address –

Click here to view our latest newsletter.

Yummy Stickers

Please collect all yummy stickers. Sticker sheets are available from the school office. Last year we redeemed the stickers for over $500 worth of sports gear.


All enquiries should be directed to the school office. Please make sure we are aware if your child will not be on the bus.

A reminder that the bus operator has the right to refuse to transport any pupil who misbehaves or who endangers the safety of other passengers through any action.


It is school proceedure to inform parents / caregivers as soon as possible if any pupil suffers an injury at school. It is also proceedure to inform, and use the services of the local medical centre and ambulance service should we be concerned regarding the nature of the injury.

Home Learning

At this school parents should expect regular home learning in the following areas.

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Basic facts
  • Additional activities associated with the current learning theme may also be assigned