Statement of Rights

All have the right but also have the responsibility

  • to learn to allow others to learn also
  • to respect to respect others also
  • to dignity to permit others to have dignity also
  • to be safe at school to allow others to be safe also
  • to be listened to to listen to others
  • to express an opinion to allow other opinions also
  • to choose their own friends to accept the choices of other people
  • to privacy to let others have their privacy
  • to disagree to allow others to disagree
  • to be treated fairly to treat others fairly also
  • to be accepted to accept others also
  • to be able to learn quietly to allow others to learn quietly
  • to have their property respected to respect others property also
  • to be encouraged to encourage others
  • to success to allow others their success

Having rights also means
having responsibilities

When you enrol your child at school you agree to abide by the school’s policies / procedures. – Karen Patterson, Principal