2023 Events

Ten years ago, a young rangatahi, Tipunakore Rangiwai was having a korero with Mrs Patterson (Tumuaki)  one day at the gate.  Mrs Patterson asked Tipunakore to look from the gates and share his thoughts on what he saw at our kura in relation to Te Ao Māori.  Tipunakore took a moment and looked.  He then replied to Mrs Patterson “Well Miss, it’s gotta be more than words”.  Mrs Patterson asked him to explain his thinking and Tipunakore went on to suggest “We need a Tomokanga”.  The seed was sown.  Over time, this korero never left Mrs Patterson’s mind, even after Tipunakore finished his time at Inglewood Primary kura.


Sometime later, Matua Moni Martin would come along to kura and work alongside his partner Whaea Marcelle with Kapahaka.  Matua Moni, Mrs Patterson and Whaea Marcelle were having a korero one day and Mrs Patterson mentioned the story of Tipunakore.  It was at that moment, it was agreed we could undertake the kaupapa to design, create and install a Waharoa.  


Over time many Korero were held with various people around the kaupapa of this project, always guided and supported by Rumatiki Timu.


After a while the slabs of wood were sourced.


The Macrocarpa rakau came from the Caskey whānau south of Inglewood, however we learnt the whānau were ex pupils of Inglewood Primary.  The Caskey whānau told us the story that ,over time they noticed that the tree slowly was leaning over each time Tāwhirimātea blew his gusty winds.  One day the whānau looked out to see a Pīwaiwaka gently landing on the Macrocarpa Tree and it slowly fell to the ground. The Pīwaiwaka is a significant manu found within the whakairo of te Waharoa


Matua Moni was working alongside a group of rangatahi sharing stories about what was significant to our kura and the beginnings of the design work was created.   


The slabs were blessed by Rumatiki Timu and the carvers Matua Moni Martin and Matua Barry Te Whatu, together with a few Rangatahi,  they worked their magic.


We would like to acknowledge the carvers Matua Moni, Matua Barry and Rumatiki for their mahi and support around this Ataahua Taonga

We would like to acknowledge Matua Moni and Matua Barry’s whānau as well as they have supported them over the past 18 months of mahi, especially Whaea Marcelle.


We are also very grateful to; 

Pukerangiora and Puketapu Hapū, Te Atiawa, Ngati Maru raua Ngati Kōhanga Moa iwi for their tautoko. 

We are very appreciative of the business support from; 

TET for a grant we received to purchase the slabs of rakau

Tuara Civil – Hone, Patu, Sonny Elliott and team

Buckthought Engineering – Bucky and team

ACG Property Services – Andrew Georgeson

John Harland – Caretaker

Board of Trustees Tash Allerby, Ray Smillie, Chris Dalliston, Chris Gyde, Christian Rose  Debbie Carter and Tracy White.

Inglewood Primary School farewelled Mrs Karen Patterson in December 2023.  Mrs Patterson having been at Inglewood Primary School for 20 years.  She is a very  loved Tumuaki and will be missed by all of the Tamariki here.

A beautiful gift was given to our school, designed created and carved by Matua Moni.  We look forward to welcoming many schools, parties and visitors into our space.

In 2023 we also had Lotte arrive!!!  This mural depicting our tamariki looking back into the past has been in the works for a while.

Read the rationale and story behind it here. InglewoodMural-Phase01-Design08.09.23