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Telephone: 756 8040   Fax: 756 6060             Dental Clinic 756 8041

Mobile: 0274961 654   Email:               office@inglewoodprimary.school.nz

                                    Website:      www.inglewoodprimary.school.nz



The school will operate through a three team structure. Team organisation has been structured to reflect the particular needs of the year groups involved.

R1            Tracy Turner                                                    New Entrant

R2            Alice Smith                                                      Y1            

R3            Beth Haveswood                                            Y2

R4           Brooke Gibson / Helen Carswell                   Y2 & Y3                 Team Leaders NE - Y4

R8          Matt Sigurdsson                                               Y7 & Y8                                                             

R10         Ben Kershaw & Melissa Burleigh                  Y7 & Y8                                                   

R12        Stephanie Boyd                                                 Y3 & Y4                            

R13        Clint Frost                                                           Y3 & Y4

R14         Kelly Edwards/Andrew Birchler                     Y5 & Y6                

R15         Jules Monckton                                                 Y5 & Y6

R16        Lynda Simpson                                                   Y5 & Y6          


Principal - Karen Patterson
Associate Principals - Vicki Ritchie & Ben Kershaw
Mutukaroa Co-Ordinator - Sherryl Molloy
Special Education Co-Ordinators - Melissa Burleigh, Sherryl Molloy
ANCILLARY:          Office Hours: 8.00am – 3.30pm

Office Manager – Debbie Carter                               Office Assistant – Mia Midgley  – Part Time

Library Manager/Teaching Resource Manager - Wendy Nash
Sports Co-Ordinator - Chrissie Mannex

CARETAKING / CLEANING: Caretaker – John Harland                           CLEANER –  Linda May


Mrs Jacqui Deam, Mrs Michelle Allison, Mrs Evelyn Kennedy, Mrs Susan Cammis, Ms Jill Helms, Mrs Kirsty Doherty

DENTAL THERAPISTS: Mrs  Lynda Banks & Mrs Julie Chamberlain

PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE:  Mrs Jill Jones 0272851630

STATIONERY: All of the stationery requirements are available from the school. Lists will be distributed on Tuesday 7 February.  Extra stationery can be purchased throughout the year from the office at back to school prices.


·         This fund covers school trips and visits and visiting performers.

·         Junior School pupils $15 per term          Senior & Intermediate pupils $20 per term

·         The school does not send home separate requests for money for every event & trip. Generally these are all covered by the activities fund.


·         The Board of Trustees sets a levy for the year to provide for library resources that assists the provision of a well stocked library.

·         The cost for this voluntary donation  is $25.00 per pupil or $50.00 per family.

MATHLETICS: This  on-line resource is a compulsory fund for ALL students.  The full fee is subsidised by a TSB Grant . Cost:  $10 for all students, and is payable with the stationery costs/requirements.                                               

PAYMENT OF ACCOUNTS:  Eftpos available.  For your convenience, automatic payments for all fees, including stationery, may be arranged through the school office. Please see the Office Manager to discuss your arrangements.

SCHOOL TERMS 2017:  There will be no variation to the Ministry advertised hours.

Term 1:  Tuesday 7 February – 13 April

Term 2: 1 May - 7 July

Term 3: 24 July - 29 September

Term 4: 16 October - 20 December


This is a free association for all parents, caregivers and teachers in the school community.

The Parent Link is formed from this school community – all interested parents, caregivers and teachers who are willing to organise activities on your behalf.

Meetings are informal and friendly and held on the third Monday of each month in the school staffroom at 7.30pm. Attending meetings doesn’t mean that you will be ‘snared’ onto the committee.

Parent Link is responsible for social events, fundraising for the extras our children need, providing support for the Board of Trustees, teachers, parents and caregivers and for providing parental education and information through topic evenings with guest speakers.  For further enquiries please contact any of the following officers.

President: Karen Patterson Secretary: Nicola Maul,  Treasurer:  Debbie Carter


·         Under the Education Act (1989) the Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the school and has an oversight of all school operations including school management. For general Board of Trustee operations contact…


Chairperson: Grant Kenny 756 6070 Principal Karen Patterson   752 2150

Members: Ray Smillie, Tracey Phillips, Tarsh Allerby, Christopher Dalliston

BOT - Parent Link Rep - Lara Phillips;   Staff Rep. - Sherryl Molloy;     Secretary  - Debbie Carter


·         The Principal is the professional leader of the school and is responsible for its management, through the implementation of the policies of the Board. For matters relating to staff and discipline, plus matters concerning curriculum programmes and teaching and learning issues contact -            

THE PRINCIPAL - Karen Patterson 7568040, After Hours 7522150


The education of your child as an individual, his/her instructional programmes and the running of individual classrooms is the responsibility of the classroom teacher.

SCHOOL OPERATING HOURS: (Please note Wednesday Hours differ)

 8.55am                                  Preparation / warning bell

 9.00am                                  Classes Start

10.30am                                 Morning Interval

10.50am                                Back in to class to eat morning tea

11.00am - 12.30pm             Classes commence

12.30pm - 1.10pm               Lunch Interval

1.10pm - 1.30pm                  Back to clas ro eat lunch

1.30pm - 3.00pm                  Classes finish. Pupils should leave the school grounds

3.10pm                                  Bus Pupils assemble / Grounds cleared

·         Our bell times are structured to ensure that classes begin at promptly at 9 a.m.

·         Pupils’ should arrive at school between 8.30 am and 8.55 am and ensure that they have unpacked their books etc and are prepared to start lessons at 9.00 am.

·         Duty Teachers begin duties at 8.30 am.

·         It is  school policy to release the children promptly at 3.00 pm and to encourage them to make their way home immediately so that parents have an expectation of the time they will return home.

SCHOOL ENTRANCES: All visitors must report to the school office on arrival.

There is only one access entrance to the school. We would ask that parents reinforce to children the need to be watchful when entering and exiting the school grounds. Pedestrians should use the new footpath and avoid using the drive entrance when entering / leaving the school.

The main entrance to the administration block is for adults only. Pupils should use the other building entrances to get to their respective classrooms.


Pupils should not arrive at school before 8.30 am. For health and safety reasons any pupil who arrives prior to that time will be asked to wait until 8.30 am under the covered area of the junior school.

Latecomers must report to School Office  before going to class. It is school policy to try to make contact with the families of absent children for whom no explanation has been received. This is done on a daily basis.


·         Please contact the school if your child will be away on a particular day. Please bring a note to school on your return. The school has a formalised set of procedures it follows daily when children are reported absent by the classroom teacher. You are able to leave absence messages using the school telephone directory system.

·         Unexplained absences and/or repeated absenteeism (including repeated lateness) will be referred to the Ministry of Education.

PUPILS LEAVING THE SCHOOL:         Any pupil who needs to leave school early must be ‘signed out’ from school. The ‘sign out’ book is located on the desk in the reception office.


While we welcome parents at school we would remind you that school does not finish until 3.00pm and that if you arrive early it would be appreciated if children were not distracted by groups assembling and chatting immediately outside the classrooms.


All visitors coming onto the school site must report to the office on arrival


·         All students are required to have a  ‘pass’ to leave the school grounds so that the Truancy Officer knows they have a legitimate reason for being out of  school.

·         These are obtainable from the school office.


·         All student property should be named.

·         No responsibility can be taken by the school for loss of personal property.(Radios,walkmen, cameras, Ipods, Ipads, MP3 Players etc are not to be brought to school)

·         A “LOST PROPERTY BOX” is situated in the junior school foyer area. Parents and children are encouraged to search for lost articles at any time.

·         The items remaining unclaimed at the end of each term will be given to charity.

·         CELL PHONES; We do not encourage the bringing of cell phones to school and accept no responsibility for the loss or damage to any cell phones other than those left at the school office.

If it is necessary for a student to bring a cell phone to school it should be left at the school office for safe keeping. Students are not permitted to text / phone during school hours without permission.


·         The Board of Trustees has provided for a locked area to keep bicycles secure. It does not accept any responsibility for cycles brought to school.

·         All children are required to put their bikes in the shed.

·         We discourage children younger than 10 years of age from riding to school for their own safety.

·         If parents of children under 10 years of age allow them to ride they must indicate this permission in writing on our general permission slip.


·         Parents should park cars in the marked spaces by the school on Kelly Street.

·         Children are required to walk into the school grounds from the gateway along path. 

·         For children’s safety please keep the front entrance on Kelly Street / Bus Area) clear of cars.

·         Parents are asked to pick their children up at the gate and not to drive into the school grounds unless there are valid medical reasons.


·         We encourage the purchase of a book bag or the use of a similar article for carrying books to and from home.

·         A charge will be made for lost/damaged books .



T.I.P.s DAY (Talents in Progress/Discovery) - Wednesday

·         This happens on Wednesday afternoon from 1.40pm to 2.50pm.  Students from New Entrants to Year 3 are involved in Discovery learning.  Year 4-8 are mixed up into talent groups to undertake exciting varied learning opportunities through TIPS.


·      Our Mini Moas Programme is available to early childhood children aged 4 – 5 years of age to learning some of the exciting opportunities and routines of school life.  Miss Tracy Turner will be receiving these youngsters in Room 1 from 1.45-2.45pm starting Wednesday 13 February week 2.  We look forward to seeing the youngsters and an adult on Wednesdays.  Please enrol for this fabulous programme at the school office.


·         There is no official school uniform – All school clothing should be neat, tidy, and appropriate.  However we do encourage students to wear their house colours Kauri, Rata, Kowhai and Miro for PE and other activities.

·         Any wording / illustrations on Tee shirts must be appropriate for wearing at school.

·         A total of two studs or sleepers are permitted in ears. The wearing of other jewellery apart from watches is discouraged.

·         Nail polish (apart from clear), and make-up is not permitted.

·         The school reserves the right to determine and enforce appropriate standards of dress.

·         Sun hats must be worn during terms 1 & 4 if pupils are playing outside.
We have a school hoodie available for purchase from the school office.


·         This is provided at the Inglewood High School. Children are bused to the classes.  Please note classes start 8.50am promptly

·         The cost for all Year 7 & 8 students is $60 per year.  This will be added to all student accounts at the beginning of each year.  The school will pay this fee directly to Inglewood High School.


These are sent home on a weekly basis each Thursday. The weekly newsletter contains an update of all school events and activities and is distributed to the youngest of each family at school.  Newsletters may be sent via email if desired. Please contact the school to arrange this.

YUMMY STICKERS:   Please collect all yummy stickers.  Sticker sheets are available from the school office.  Last year we redeemed the stickers for over $500 worth of sports gear.

BUSESAll bus enquires should be directed to the School Office.  Please make sure we are aware if your child will not be on the bus.  A reminder that the bus operator has the right to refuse to transport any pupil who misbehaves or who endangers the safety of other passengers through any action.

INJURIES: It is school policy to inform parents / caregivers as soon as possible if any pupil suffers an injury at school. It is also policy to inform, and use the services of the local medical centre and ambulance service should we be concerned regarding the nature of the injury

At this school parents should expect regular home learning in the following areas.

1.       Reading

2.       Spelling

3.       Basic facts

4.       Additional activities associated with the current learning theme may also be assigned.


To develop in our students the desire and capacity for:

Learning to Think, Learning to Do & Learning to Be.


To provide a teaching and learning environment where all of those involved demonstrate respect…  expect the best…  achieve through opportunity… communicate actively…  feel good and are safe (Hauora)


At Inglewood Primary we promote and focus upon



Respect for…           ourselves

                                Others & authority

                                learning & achievement


                                the environment



Expect…                   the best that you can be

                                the best that others can be



Achieve…                 through opportunity

                                as much as possible

                                becoming involved and contribute



Communicate…       effectively and appropriately



Hauora…                 Feel good about yourself

                                Be safe physically and emotionally

Our ‘REACH’ concept has been developed during the implementation of our Positive Behaviour System which focuses on the development and promotion of positive interpersonal relationships.

This strategy is based upon the belief that …

‘Behavioural and instructional management systems complement each other and must be integrated

in order to maximise the opportunities for student achievement’.

CORE TEACHING BELIEFS:              We believe in…

1.      Providing high quality, socially and culturally appropriate learning opportunities that recognise the importance of Literacy, Numeracy Physical Health & well-being.
  1. Developing positive attitudes towards learning, effective personal learning habits, by recognising that there are many ways of learning and many types of excellence and by providing sufficient opportunities for individuals to sequence their learning over time.

Learning to Think:  Ako ki te whakaaro

Involves students in …

·         learning about different learning styles and how to learn…

·         Learning how to think… and about higher order thinking skills…

·         Learning about multiple intelligences  and identifying their talents, skills, interests and abilities

Learning to Do:  Ako ki te mahi

Involves students in …

·         Becoming intellectually involved with their curriculum activities

·         Learning to apply critical thinking, reasoning and analysis skills.

·         Developing their individual skills and talents

·         Participating in curriculum decision making.

  1. Responding to rapid change and adapting to new innovations critical to the future development and success of the students in our school by providing learning experiences relevant to individual needs and community aspirations.

  1. Ensuring cultural structures and systems are active and functioning within our school and that these meet the physical, social and emotional needs of our students within a supportive learning environment.

Learning to Be: Ako kia ora ai te mauri

Involves students developing their…

·         Self esteem, pride and respect…

·         Social competence…

·         Their ability to cope with challenge and change, adversity, success and disappointment

i.e. Emotional competence…

  1. Reflecting on New Zealand’s cultural diversity and recognising the unique position of Maori culture that exists alongside other cultures within our classrooms.

  1. Encouraging reflective thought and action focussed on achieving improvement.

  1. A classroom being a learning community where everyone, including the teacher is a learner and learning conversations and partnerships are encouraged.




1.            to learn                                                                  to allow others to learn also

2.            to respect                                                             to respect others also

3.            to dignity                                                               to permit others to have dignity also

4.            to be safe at school                                             to allow others to be safe also

5.            to be listened to                                                  to listen to others

6.            to express an opinion                                         to allow other opinions also

7.            to choose their own friends                              to accept the choices of other people

8.            to privacy                                                              to let others have their privacy

9.            to disagree                                                            to allow others to disagree

10.          to be treated fairly                                             to treat others fairly also

11.          to be accepted                                                     to accept others also

12           to be able to learn quietly                                 to allow others to learn quietly

13.          to have their property respected                    to respect others property also

14.          to be encouraged                                                to encourage others

15.          to success                                                              to allow others their success



When youenroll your child at school you agree to abide by the school’s policies / procedures.

Karen Patterson    Principal



This fund covers school trips and visiting performers. 

·        Junior School pupils ( Year 1-3)  $15 per term  ($60 year)

·        Senior pupils (Year 4-6) $20 per term ($80 year)

Intermediate pupils  (Year 78-8) $20 per term  ($80 year)

  1.  LIBRARY DONATION (Voluntary Donation):

·            $25 per pupil for year, or $50 per family (year), voluntary donation.

·            We ask that this be paid on enrollment or by the end of term 1.

·            The Board of Trustees sets this levy for the year to provide for library resources that allow the staff to provide a well stocked library.

3.    TECHNOLOGY: $60 per year

·            This “take home components fee”, set by High School  eliminates the need for students to bring ingredients, other materials and carry money around with them


PAYMENT OF FEES:   We have Eftpos (Not CREDIT) available.  Automatic Payments may we arranged.  Please see Office Manager Debbie Carter to discuss your requirements.